Nametag – Drawn by JavaScript

This work is actually a little bit tricky. It is one of my Javascript assignment. My lecturer requires me to use JavaScript, which is a script programming lanaguage, to draw my name. It will be used as a real nametage in our lab. So I applied my favortie art school – impressionism to this design. It bascially uses dots to depict the shape of my name. I use shades as well to make it look more conceret.

Yichen’s Nametag

This is one of my favorite impressionist painter – Georges Seurat, who is famous for his unique painting techinique – pointillism. The pointillism mainly uses dots to depict the shape of items. If you stand a little bit away from the painting, you can’t realize that the painting is drawn by dots rather than curves. What an amazing idea!


Detail from Circus Sideshow (Parade de Cirque) (1889) showing pointillism and color theory

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