The Story About This Picture And Me

This header image is merged by two pictures I took separately.

These two cities, Canberra – the place where I’m currently perusing my bachelor degree  and Beijing – the place where I’ve never ever left since I was born, mean a lot to me.

Beijing witnesses my growth – from a little girl knows nothing to a girl still knows nothing but wants to go outside to know the world. I had a very happy and comfortable childhood with few pressures and more entertainment. I wasn’t a child who studied very well and let my parents feel proud, but I did what I wanted without hesitations. I loved drawing, I took photos, I learnt how to play piano, I love anything related to art and I joined student’s association, etc… I was really happy at that time. However, my parents had a serious conservation with me one day. They told me that I couldn’t play piano or draw anymore. I failed do well in school’s stuff and it was my time to make up. I think I was too young at that time and just followed their suggestion without further consideration. So … as you can image, I struggled and tried to be good, I followed the track like others who are in my same age. In 2015, I became an undergraduate student in BJUT and finally decided to break out of this well-organized life. And here I am.

The Summer Palace Decemeber 2017

Canberra witnesses my psychologic growth – from a girl knows nothing to a girl still knows nothing but thinks a lot about how to live more meaningful. I spend a lot of time with myself, I think a lot – meaningful or meaningless, and I try lots of things I was afraid in the past. I also feel depressed sometimes, I feel lost in my life maze and I feel I’m mediocre. It is disappointed. But I realised nothing will change if I failed to do something. So I started to take photos again, I practice piano again and I try to combine my interests and study together. And I set up this website finally.

I’m not concerned about the visiting stats about this website. I just want to record what I’ve done in my 20s, which are golden years in my life, and do hope I can enjoy my life.

Canberra- Telstra Tower
Telstra Tower April 2018

Apologize for my broken English, I’ll try my best to improve it.

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