A glance at 30,000 feet

WechatIMG164November,  2018

I read a book 7 or 8 years ago, it said that the 30,000 feet was the closet height to the God that people can reach. But of course, we only consider commercial flights in this situation.

Although I don’t believe in God or any other deities, I still felt it is so romantic.

For the past 2 years, I had opportunities to enjoy this romantic moment so that I thought the relationship between me and the God are too close to be a friend. It takes 9 hours roughly for me to sit on the flight and try everything I can do before I return to the ground. These hours always kill me because of the boredom and thus force me to refresh myself.

My recent flight from Australia to Canada updates the longest hours I spent in the sky and also the longest hours I spent with him – the God, who pushes me to retrospect my last 2 years in Australia –  my sadness, my happiness and my anxiety.

There were some good days that I felt that I was the most confident young adult to beat the world. There were some bad days that I felt that I was the most useless person. But mostly, there were normal days without excitement, or even upset.

I remembered that there was a famous quote in Hemingway’s book, which I didn’t believe it untill I’ve actually been through this.

“You can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another. ”

I had chances to visit lots of places, met lots of people and observed their life. I thought the nonstop transitions could wash past memories, push you move forward and thus never look back. On the contrary,  new experiences didn’t actually flood my memory but actually make the past reemerge. I went through all old memories with my new perception gained from these travels and re-firm my instinctive feelings.

I can’t say I’ve changed, but I think I’m more confident about what I’ve been insisted on.




January, 2019

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