I’m Yichen, a shutterbug who currently lives between these two cities: Canberra, Australia and Beijing, China. Besides, I’m an undergraduate computer science student who is interested in Human-Centred Interaction and Software Development. To be honest, I’m not an expert at programming. But! … I’m passionate about combining my love in Art with Computer Science together, which I hope I can present people a different insight of the world!

It’s hard to say when I start to take photos or notice the beauty of the world. They only thing I realised is I would feel regretful if I fail to capture these precious moments. However, I spent limited time on this even though I had a great passion. I’ve been taught by some standpoint that ‘Arts are not a practical tool to make a living.’ since I was little. So I just studied hard to cope with compulsory educations. While after years of studying experiences in ANU, I found that only what I’m enthusiasm in can truly cheer me up and let me experience my life.

I was impressed by a song, which said ‘One day you’ll leave this world behind, So live a life you will remember.’ This is the first time I take these words seriously and deeply although I’ve been told lots of times. Indeed, what have occurred will not be back and what we can do is to enjoy now. So……I decided to enrich my life as much as possible! #yolo

Hence, I set up this website to share my enthusiasms in life and my beloved stuff: my photographs, my calligraphy, my programming works etc. I always suppose that good pictures should be accompanied with deep thoughts, not only stories behind viewfinder but also connections with the photographer.

Well…thanks for visit!